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What Is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

The HGH which stands for Human Growth Control is the hormone which helps the human body to grow. It’s secreted in our body naturally by an organ which is called the pituitary gland. However, its peak of production happens during our puberty. As we get older, this gland is decreasing the HGH (somatropin) production over time. This hormone increases the muscle density and the bone growth as well. Unfortunately, once it has been secreted by the pituitary gland, it stays in our bloodstream for a very short time. Therefore there are so many people who are using the artificial HGH to get the better muscle strength and mass, but it’s also being used to treat some orthopedist’s patients as well.

It stimulates the cells growth and regeneration, thus, allowing you to get the stronger and heavier muscle mass. It’s impossible to build your muscle optimally without this hormone, and the same goes for the bone recovery as well. It’s the most important hormone which holds the vital role in maintaining the body’s tissue. Furthermore, it’s very beneficial for the recovery of our body after it has been suffered from any kind of wound or damage as well.

However, this particular hormone isn’t just being used in medical field, but it’s also used by the bodybuilders as well. There are so many bodybuilders who knew about the bad side effects of steroids, and they’re looking for a perfect and safer substitute. That’s why the HGH has been chosen by many bodybuilders to help them to get the desired result of their training. It helps them to get the best result and it brings the result very fast too. There is almost no reason for the bodybuilders not to use this type of hormone if they wish to get the finest muscle mass in a short time.

Unfortunately, there is no such a perfect thing in this world. The same goes for the HGH, and it does contain some side effects. The most dangerous side effect of this one is the Leukemia as the result of the HGH injections. However, this severe result is very rare and the people are usually just experiencing the less severe side effects. The normal and common side effects of the HGH injections are such as changes in touch sensitivity, vision gets blurry, pin and needles sensation, tingly, a bit of a headache, ear infections, feeling nervous, the heavier headache, and the faster heartbeat. Most people are only experiencing the less dangerous side effects, and that’s why there are many people who’ve chosen the HGH to help their recovery or to build their muscle for the bodybuilding contest.

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